Hunter's Prey - Moira Rogers At the end of Wilder’s Mate, Satira and Wilder are successful in their rescue mission and find Nathaniel, but he is not the same man they knew. Nathaniel is not alone, though, and they make a new friend – Hunter – a prisoner who was turned into a Bloodhound by Archer (the undercover Bloodhound).Hunter is in bad shape, as he was forced to spend the new moons locked in a cage. Up until now, it was thought only the Guild could create Bloodhounds, so it comes to a surprise this is not the case. The group decides to protect Nathaniel and keep him hidden, and throw themselves at the mercy of the Guild in respect to Hunter. The Guild commands that Hunter and Archer stay with Wilder, hoping Wilder can keep them in line.Wilder agrees and they all go back to Iron Creek and move in together. Satira enlists the help of her friend, Ophelia (a former prostitute) to help her in the upkeep of the house while she continues inventing with Nathaniel. But the constant demands all three Bloodhounds make on her time have Ophelia thinking maybe it’s time to move on, even though she feels weak at knees whenever the sexy Hunter is around.Just as she’s about to leave and start her life elsewhere, Ophelia is forced to decide what is most important to her. Will she leave, or stay and find out if Hunter feels something for her, too?In Hunter’s Prey, we also meet two new Bloodhounds from the Guild, Emmett and Tobias who come to investigate if Nathaniel is really dead. They carry with them some disturbing news – war is coming. But not from the vampires, from within the Guild itself. Can’t wait to find out what this means! Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Hunter’s Prey – it’s full of non-stop action and sexy Bloodhounds you won’t be able to resist.The Bloodhounds is not a series for the faint of heart, Fellow Readers, and Hunter’s Prey doesn’t disappoint. It is definitely a:ROL HotReadsI was saddened to come to the end of Hunter’s Prey; I just can’t get enough of the sexy Bloodhounds! But, I’m so excited to announce that the third installment in the series, Archer’s Lady will be released on July 3! And that’s not all, Fellow Readers, guess who’s the lucky gal who snagged an ARC copy of the book? Yup, you guessed it! But there’s more!Moira Rogers has also graciously agreed to do an interview, and she will be giving away a copy of her book, Archer’s Lady, to one lucky Fellow Reader. Be on the look out for the interview and contest – coming this week!