Archer's Lady - Moira Rogers A second chance is something hard to come by, but that’s exactly what Archer and Grace are looking for in the third installment of the Bloodhound series, Archer’s Lady.Archer, a Bloodhound with a checkered past finds himself in Crystal Springs, a frontier town which is slowly dying due to rampant vampire attacks. The Guild has sent him to aid the town and its last few inhabitants from the vampire menace, or is there another reason he is sent there?Grace, a woman who is running from her criminal past, sets up shop in Crystal Springs under the guise of a schoolteacher. She feels all hope is lost and is about to leave when Archer comes to town. She’s immediately intrigued and fascinated by the handsome Bloodhound, but is the attraction she feels for Archer enough to make her stay in Crystal Springs and fight for the new life she’s made for herself? And what of the new discoveries Archer uncovers at Crystal Springs? First there’s Diana, the first female Bloodhound we encounter in the series. Will Archer keep the secret of her creation safe from The Guild, or will he tell them of her existence? And what of the secluded scientist who created Diana, Doc Beale? What was he really working on in Crystal Springs before his untimely death, and why are all the vampires so desperate to get their hands on his research?Find out this and more in the scorching hottt read, Archer’s Lady. Just like all books in the series, Fellow Readers, it is a: Hotttt read!