The Virgin's Revenge - Dee Tenorio For ten years, Amanda Jackman has had a crush on Cole Engstrom, but she’s never acted on it because Cole is a commitment-phobe who goes through girls like they are giving them away for free. To make matters worse, Cole is friends with Amanda’s overprotective brothers, and there is no way he will risk life or limb to see her as anything other than the Jackman’s little untouchable sister.Amanda’s tried everything to become independent from her brothers: getting a job at the local lingerie shop and moving out on her own. But that does little to attract anyone from Rancho del Cielo to take on her brothers and ask her out on a date.Then everything changes when one day Amanda overhears her oldest (and most intimidating) brother, Locke, make a deal with Cole. Locke tells Cole the family has chosen him as Amanda’s husband and he has to marry her.Cole can’t believe what he’s hearing and neither can Amanda. From that point on, The Virgin’s Revenge is filled with plans of seduction, love, and loads of humor that won’t let you put this wonderful feel-good book down!Pick up your copy of The Virgin’s Revenge –it will be released on July 3, 2012!