Kidnapped: Say, Please - Kami Kayne Persephone, Amanda’s cat, suddenly begins to growl, alerting Amanda something is not right in her home. Amanda begins to inspect every room, trying to find out what is getting her cat so upset, when she feels something graze her leg. Before she knows it, Amanda falls into a deep sleep and awakens tied to a bed and wearing a sexy negligee.It isn’t long before Amanda finds out she’s been kidnapped and exactly what her captor wants from her. With just three days away from her wedding to Drew and embarking on a new life, she knows she must do what it takes to survive the ordeal she is presented with.But who is her captor? Does he keep his face hidden in a mask because he means to let Amanda go, or does he have more nefarious intentions up his sleeve? And why does Amanda feel like she knows him and can’t stop her body from craving his touch?Warning: Kidnapped: Say, Please is a book intended solely for adults with themes consisting of: kidnapping, bondage, anal play, and dubious or non-consensual sex. If none of these themes appeal to you, then this book is not for you. _________________________Just in reading the synopsis, I knew I was in for a hell of a read, but Kidnapped: Say, Please is more than just a quick romp in the erotica pond. The author, Kami Kayne, gives an insight I found hit every single emotion possible as Amanda tries to process what is happening to her and vies for a way to escape.What I liked the most about this short read (46 pages) was how Amanda really runs through the gamut of emotions and doesn’t easily surrender to her captor – he has to take her fighting all the way to the end, and it isn’t until he reveals himself that really brings on the game changer.My only complaint with Kidnapped: Say, Please is that it was too short! In doing a quick search on the net, I discovered the author doesn’t have a blog site or any way to find out if there is a sequel planned for this book. I truly hope there is, because I can’t wait to find out what happens next!Just in case it wasn’t clear before, Fellow Readers, this is a:ROL HotReadsUntil we find out if there’s a sequel planned, take a chance and check out Kidnapped: Say, Please for free on