Under His Thumb - Vonna Harper Under His Thumb begins with Meka driving up to The Gateway resort/lodge as she has won an all expenses paid weekend there – though Meka doesn’t remember entering a contest.She first meets up with Rafe Cordon (though we don’t know his name for awhile) who welcomes her into the resort which is surprisingly devoid of any other staff. Rafe takes Meka’s bags and shows her to her room where he immediately sets to drugging her and puts her to sleep.When Meka awakens, she is tied up and gagged (with her used underwear – gross!) and Rafe reveals what she is doing there. It’s not long before we learn Meka has always had kidnapping and BDSM fantasies, as well as what sort of resort and clientele The Gateway truly caters to. Will Rafe and Meka keeps things strictly professional, or will Rafe cross the line and keep Meka as his own?___________________________________________________________THIS SECTION CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS.I can’t put my ‘thumb’ on it, but I’m not sure why Under His Thumb didn’t work for me. Maybe it was because Rafe sounded completely clinical when he was supposed to be sexxing it up with Meka, and he came off like a creepy serial killer. Or maybe it was because at the end of the story, he sells Meka off on Craigslist.Either way, I didn’t “feel” the chemistry or heat between the two characters, and I couldn’t get into this short read (51 pages). I’m not giving up on this author, though, as I’ve heard from some friends she’s really great. I guess this just wasn’t the book for me. http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/review-under-his-thumb-by-vonna-harper.html#more