Giving It Up - Amber Lin Giving It Up by Amber Lin is an erotic thriller Tim Burton would jump at the chance to direct if it was made into a movie. It is dark and gritty, featuring characters too broken to survive on their own, but somehow, together, they forge ahead and find redemption and love.First, we meet Allie – a single mother who works at a bakery. She is tormented by her past as she was raped by Jacob, her childhood friend, and is forced to raise her child on her own. To relieve her stress, she goes out once a month, and searches out a man who will use her body for his pleasure, numbing her to her own existence. It doesn’t matter who Allie picks up at a bar, as long as the man she picks takes her – hard.In walks Colin – a self-proclaimed ‘mean son of a bitch,’ who surprisingly wants to treat Allie tenderly. Instead of sating Allie’s needs in his car or the alley, Colin meets up with her in a hotel room where he indulges Allie in decadent things she never knew she wanted to experience. Colin is an irresistible enigma – slowly trapping Allie with his silent charm. But Colin isn’t Mr. Perfect; he’s got secrets of own and ties to a crime family known all over the city.No matter what red flags might happen to reveal themselves, Allie turns to Colin, whose protective nature has her feeling safe for the first time in her life.It’s not long before Allie feels addicted to his touch and moves in with Colin, ready to start a new life with him. But everyone around Colin and Allie won’t make their Happily Ever After an easy feat.Philip, a crime lord and Colin’s brother, wants nothing more than to separate the new couple. He will stop at nothing to keep them apart. But Philip isn’t the only thing Allie and Colin are up against. Thrown in the mix are dirty cops, a past that seems determined to catch up to both of them, and an unlikely infiltrator in their midst who threatens to end everything they’ve fought for. The biggest threat, though, comes from within as Colin and Allie are both so damaged it seems at times they are their own worst enemies. Can Allie and Colin find happiness when it seems just beyond their reach?_______________________Giving It Up is a compelling story that will grip your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat as Amber Lin masterfully weaves the story of two heartbroken lovers trying to find a reason to keep going. There is never a dull moment in the book and you never see what’s coming up next; it’s a definite page turner!The story is so real and raw, I couldn’t put Giving It Up down or concentrate on anything until I got to the end of the book. The sexy scenes also had me curling my toes – I guarantee Giving It Up is one book you’ll want to read over and over again! Not only is it a sinfully good read, Giving It Up is a: hot read. check out my blog for a hottt excerpt: