A Little More Scandal - Carrie Lofty In London, July 1856, widower William Christie, a self-made wealthy man finds himself at a party. One of the invited guests is Catrin Jones, a modest nurse who is the toast of the town as the only survivor of a naval shipwreck.Everyone wants to find out the details of her story, especially William who is about to buy the local failing newspaper. A story like Catrin’s would definitely jumpstart sales, but Catrin’s dead set on not revealing a word to anyone on the true nature of her survival.William pursues her, only to find Catrin’s secret comes with a price – she will tell him a story for his newspaper if William marries her. With rumors and speculations of her time at sea escalating to dangerous levels among London’s high society, Catrin will stop at nothing to show William she is his match in every single way before her welcome runs out. Will William agree to Catrin’s terms, and take a chance at love mixed with a little more scandal? Check out my blog for a chance to win the next book in the series, Flawless. Giveaway ends July 11. http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2012/06/review-little-more-scandal-by-carrie.html#more