Crash Into You - Roni Loren Now that you’ve read the synopsis from, let’s get to what I liked and disliked about Crash Into You.Liked: Hott, sexxy scenes. Crash Into You features light BDSM elements and a sex club called The Ranch which I really enjoyed.Secondary Characters. Crash Into You features some secondary characters which really stole the show, in my opinion. First up was Jace. He is the owner of a sex shop and a member of The Ranch. He is Reid’s best friend and has crushed on Brynn for ten years. I loved the ménage scenes he was in. Smile Then there was Grant, the elusive owner of The Ranch. He is the strong and silent type. Wish there had been more of him.Disliked: Time Element. It took me such a long time to get into this book and there were several times I thought of not finishing it because Brynn and Reid meet and fall in love, then due to a misunderstandings and them coming from different worlds, they part. Then ten years later, they find themselves working for the same company. During those ten years, they never found another partner, and they didn’t age or change one bit. It was too much to look past.Dom? Reid has to go back to Dom Training 101. When Reid issues a command to Brynn, she always has a wise crack to say back, though Reid just laughs and attributes it to her feisty personality. *record scratch* I’m not a BDSM expert, but shouldn’t there be some sort of punishment when a command is broken? At least a spanking?I think the only thing that would have salvaged this book for me was if at the end Brynn would take over the reins and she’d be the Dom and Reid would be the sub.Extremes. Several storylines ran the gamut on how extreme they were from one another. For example, Brynn’s mother was a prostitute, and perhaps this left Brynn more guarded in her relationships. Brynn had only been with one person before she met Reid, and yet she was all for BDSM kink play. There was no apprehension or easing into it – just I WANT IT. I WANT IT NOW. Brynn had been raped and since she hadn’t gotten over it in ten years, her only solution to ‘cure’ herself was to immerse herself into a sex club (The Ranch) and submit to a stranger to see if that would do the trick. Good thing her sister was missing and the last place she was seen was at this club, or Brynn would have never been cured. Brynn is a social worker who works on empowering women and it wasn’t until the very end when she stops feeling guilty that the only way she feels empowered is by submitting to a man (though she’s feisty, remember?) Undercover Mission. I really wasn’t into Brynn going into the sex club in undercover mode to search for her sister. I don’t want to say, “It’s been done before,” because if I saw this in another book, I’d probably be all for it. It just made for a very uncomfortable read to see her going through her fear of being in the club due to her rape. I kept thinking, “This is not going to end well.”Plus here is the thing – how in the world was her trip going to be undercover when EVERYONE and their mother knew what she was doing? Everyone from her co-workers at the office, and everyone she ran into on the way to the club was an acquaintance of some sort, and they were in on her trying to find her sister. It really was a bit too much. It seemed the only person in the dark was Grant, the club owner. But then at the club, Brynn tells him she’s very nervous because she was raped. He immediately sees red flags, but yet allows her to stay and share in the experience.-----------------As you can see, the bad outweighs the good for me in Crash To You. It is the first book in the series, though I’m not sure if I will continue with it. I’m curious about Book 2 as it features Jace – a character I really liked in this book (and there’s a ménage), but I’m not going to move my TBR list anytime soon. Rating: 2.5 out of 5