Pleasure Unbound - Larissa Ione As you begin to read Pleasure Unbound, the first book in the Demonica Series by Larissa Ione (LI), you are instantly immersed into the world LI creates. There are no ‘filler scenes’ or unnecessary flashbacks – you are thrust into the fray from the first word! From then on, it is an action packed, sexxy and hott ride until the very end.The story begins in New York City, at Underworld General (UG) the underground hospital created and run by Eidolon (E) a Seminus Demon who along with his brothers, Shade and Wraith, use their powers to heal demons and other supernatural creatures. As E works on a demon patient who has several injuries, he and his brothers find themselves wondering if the demon’s injuries can be attributed to Ghouls – beings who carve up demon organs and sell them in the underworld black market for illicit uses.Before they can figure out what’s going on, an unconscious patient arrives – Tayla, a female Aegis (human warriors who think all demons are evil and hunt and kill them without prejudice). Sensing the danger they are all in if the Aegis discovers them, the brothers quickly advise E to kill the unconscious female. E convinces his brothers not to kill Tayla as they find evidence she’s a little more than human at her molecular level. Intrigued, E can’t wait for Tayla to heal and see what he can learn from her, thinking he can find ways to better protect his kind from the Aegis – at least that was his plan. Of course, his plan gets shot to hell when his brother, Wraith implants sexual images in Tayla’s mind of her and E. As E checks her vitals, Tayla awakens ready to take on E in every dirty way possible and before they can blink, they are up against a wall, lost in lust. *fans self*Being expertly trained in sex (as he is an incubus) E is instantly enthralled by Tayla as no matter how turned on and willing she is to be with E, and how good he sexxes her up, Tayla cannot climax. Nothing of the kind has ever happened to E before and Tayla has never been so turned on by a man in her life. Thus begins their obsession with one another.From that point on, they join forces in not only finding out who is behind killing demons and selling their organs in the black market, but also finding if they can turn their lust into love. Standing in their way is their tortured paths as we discover in Pleasure Unbound why Tayla is so emotionally scarred, unable to find pleasure in any sexual encounter.For his part, E is battling with his S’genesis – a transformation every Seminus Demon goes through when he reaches 100 years of age. Finding Tayla irresistible, he intends to make her his mate, but first he must battle through Tayla’s emotional and physical barriers. As time runs out for E, he is faced with the prospect of becoming a sex-crazed demon, impregnating any female who crosses his way unless he can find a way to make Tayla his.As if the couples’ issues weren’t enough to contend with, Tayla also struggles with deciding if she will turn her back on the only family she’s ever had – the Aegis – or try to make things work with E. Of course, poor Tayla doesn’t have to contemplate her choice for long as it turns out she is half demon. The Aegis quickly disavows her and orders her to be put to death.With E the only person she can now turn to for answers on her past and the changes now happening to her body, she must find a way to heal her wounded heart and soul to find happiness.Mix in together all the couples’ issues, plus the Aegis and the Ghouls hot on everyone's heels, along with scorching hott sexxy scenes that will melt your lips off – and you’ll agree that Pleasure Unbound is an AMAZING, action packed read sure to win a spot as your favorite paranormal series! There is never a dull moment or a character you feel the need to skip over or jump ahead to the action; it is all expertly put together in the most enjoyable read I’ve had this year! LI has shattered all my expectations and has set the bar extremely high for anything I read from now on. Put down whatever you’re reading and get Pleasure Unbound today! I guarantee you won’t regret it.Things To Keep In Mind In This Series:Don’t get attached to the secondary characters. LI loves to kill them off. :)