Hostile Takeover - Joey W. Hill Ever since Marcie was sixteen years old, she’s been madly in love with Ben – who is several years her senior. Ben, a lawyer at the prestigious K&A Associates, is the last of a group of friends/family who hasn’t found his perfect match in a submissive.Marcie thinks she’s up for the task, but because of her age and her ‘willingness to please’ that supersedes her safety, Ben is reluctant to give into the feelings he’s always had for her.Still, Marcie is determined to make Ben her master and she sets out on a relentless crusade to make Ben hers – even going so far as to please herself with a dildo on top of his car to prove herself to him. Will Marcie succeed in breaking down Ben’s tough exterior and make him face what he’s been trying to hard to suppress?What I liked about Hostile Takeover:1. I liked the dynamic of the K&A Associates and their submissives. They all get along like a great big family and they sometimes ‘share’.2. I have not read any other books from this series, and Hostile Takeover really is a stand alone book. The author does a great job of letting us know a few things that have happened in other books that really whets your appetite to delve into the series.3. I liked how persistent Marcie was in getting her man – she never took no for an answer. Smile What I disliked about Hostile Takeover:1. There was a lot of backstory between Marcie and Ben which made up the majority of the 408 pages in this book, along with several reflections and character introspection. Unless you like a lot of plot with your erotica, you’re not going to enjoy Hostile Takeover. I wished they would have used those extra pages for what else? Yes, more sex! LOL Instead, we get only glimpses of the scenes I was dying to read more of. *sad julie*2. This is the second BDSM book I’ve read where the ‘submissive’ doesn’t act like a submissive at all. I think it would have read better for Marcie to say she wanted learn how to belong to Ben, as she didn’t know what/how to handle things, instead of advertising herself as a true submissive willing to do what her master instructed her to do – which was seldom the case. Still, Ben brought it back around and regained control in the end.