Because of You (Coming Home, #1) - Jessica Scott Shane cares for his soldiers – to a fault – and dedicates his time seeing to their wellbeing in country and abroad. This leads to the demise of his marriage as he dedicates his full efforts to his men.But he has little time to dwell on things as his unit is about to be deployed overseas. When his closest friend, Carponti insists he join his men for some R&R before they deploy, Shane begrudgingly agrees – until he sees . . . her.Jen, a nurse and cancer survivor, is conscious of her removed breast – an ever present reminder of what she’s endured. Thinking she will never find a man who will look past her scars (both physical and mental) she hesitantly agrees to accompany her friend to the local bar and have a few drinks. She is super uncomfortable and thinks to leave, that is, until she locks eyes with a handsome soldier she bumps into.When Shane and Jen meet, instant sparks fly and for the first time, Shane realizes there could be more to life than his job. He ships out the next day, though, but still keeps in contact with Jen, when time allows.After a few months abroad, Shane’s unit gets attacked and he and his fellow soldiers get sent back home for treatment. Finding himself in the hospital where Jen works at and under her care, Shane becomes haunted with what he left behind and the problems that have followed him back home. Jen, knowing Shane is worth fighting for, embarks on a mission to make him forget the guilt he feels and make him see what’s right in front of him.My Thoughts:Because of You is a great read full of heartbreak, love, and redemption, and it also delves into the topic of PTSD, which some soldiers experience when they come back home.As a part of my husband’s military career, we were stationed at Fort Hood and Because of You brought back a lot of memories. It was great to revisit my old stomping grounds – even if it was through the pages of a book. :)