Eternity Embraced (Demonica, #3.5) - Larissa Ione Andrea Cole and Kaden Quinn are both lovers and members of the Aegis sent to infiltrate a cell of vampires believed to be in an Oregon billionaire’s mansion. Kaden went in first, under the guise of a delivery boy, but then his microphone goes dead and he disappears.Two weeks later, Andrea and her team of twenty Aegis members swarm the mansion, hoping to see what has become of Kaden, though they don’t expect him to be intact or alive. Instead, they expect their fellow Aegis to be turned into a vamp, in which case they know what to do to him– stake him.But the mission goes horribly wrong. Andrea is captured and brought to the cell where Kaden – now a vampire and hungry – is being kept. Now their relationship is put to the test – can they fight their natures and save each other? What I disliked about Eternity Embraced:1. Eternity Embraced falls between book 3 and 4, but it seems Larissa Ione (L.I.) forgets the rules of her universe as in book 3, Passion Unleashed, we learn it’s not so easy to create a vampire. Permission must first be granted by the vampire Council as creating a vampire without permission qualifies for instant death. And in the event the council agrees, they don’t do anything for free as Wraith finds out. So to have vampires be created like they are going out of style in this story jarred me a bit.2. Why did Andrea wait two weeks to see what became of her fellow Aegis and lover? Set fire to the place, for love’s sake, then pose as a firefighter (covered head to toe complete with oxygen mask) and easy access! I just can’t see how she waits around two weeks to go in with the mindset there’s nothing to do but kill her former lover. 3. I love L.I. and she is my favorite author, but for me, Eternity Embraced doesn’t bring anything to the Demonica series, and you won’t miss anything if you skip this novella. I really tried, but I just couldn’t ‘embrace’ this novella as it wasn’t up to the standards I’ve come to expect from L.I. I was glad it was a quick read.