Ecstasy Unveiled - Larissa Ione Ecstasy Unveiled, the fourth installment by Larissa Ione (L.I.) of the Demonica series is Lore’s book.We were introduced to Lore in the previous book and we know him as an assassin and half human brother to E., Wraith, and Shade. At the end of book 3, we find out that Lore’s hand not only brings death, but it can actually bring someone back to life when the cause of death is not supernatural. He used his powers on Kynan, and brought back the Aegis leader from the other side. Kynan then becomes the most important human on the planet as he is now entrusted with the amulet, Heofon, by the angel, Gethel, and is given immortality as Kynan will play a vital role in the Final Battle at the end of the world (as will all his offspring). Wow!Everything being resolved, Lore leaves at the end of the book, and in book 4, we find out what Lore’s been up to as we see him in a steamy encounter with a demoness. After his tryst, he meets up with his master, Detharu, who reprimands him for using his gift to save someone’s life – they are assassins after all and their reputation must be upheld. Before Lore can calm his master down, Detharu gives him a new mark to assassinate – none other than the man whose life he saved – Kynan.To make the assignment even more complex, Detharu tells Lore it will be his 100th assignment and if Lore kills Kynan, Lore will be freed from Detharu’s enslavement. But if Lore refuses or fails to kill Kynan, Lore’s sister, Sin, will pay the price.Lore thinks that killing Kynan will be an easy feat as he is readily admitted into their inner circle and has access to Kynan since he saved his life. However, he doesn’t count on Idess, an angel who is entrusted with ensuring Kynan’s safety at all costs.Just as Lore goes in for the kill, Idess appears and gives Lore the fight of his life. Much to Lore’s surprise, Idess is not only beautiful and one bad ass chick, she is resistant to his ‘death touch.’ Idess also has an instant reaction to Lore. Though she must kill him to ensure Kynan’s safety, she finds herself drawn to the feisty demon.Thus begins a wonderfully crafted story packed with action, lust, and duty. Ecstasy Unveiled is one book I guarantee you won’t be able to put down and is by far my most favorite book in the Demonica Series.What else is going on?1. Sin. We meet Sin, Lore’s sister, and find out her gift is also one of death. With a single touch of her hand, she can unleash a debilitating disease that will kill a person in mere minutes. There is no danger to anyone else, unless the infected makes contact with other people.2. Connal. We also meet Connal or Con, a sexy half vamp, half werewolf or Warg who works at the hospital and is friends with Luc, the paramedic werewolf. In one of my favorite hottt scenes, Luc bets Con he can’t get into Sin’s panties. I just loved how Con proves Luc wrong and how Sin reacts to it! Priceless! :)3. Idess and Rami. We learn of Idess and her brother, Rami’s, tragic backstory. You’ll never guess how Rariel (a fallen angel who is the big bad in the book) and Rami are tied together and how hard Idess will have to fight to not only stay alive, but remain by Lore’s side.4. The End of the World. It seems inevitable and we see how events are unfolding to bring this about and what part all the amazing characters we’ve grown to love in the series are playing.5. Roag. This demon just won’t die! He’s still up and around, haunting his brothers in ghost form, and trying to come up with the ultimate plan of revenge. What’s even worse, Roag finds a way to stir up and infect other ghosts in his vicinity with his deep hatred and unhappiness. Objects are flying and the hospital is once again in danger of crumbling down as the angry ghosts have taken over.6. The Plague. The unthinkable has happened, and one of Sin’s assassination jobs goes awry when her mark (a turned werewolf) comes into contact with other Wargs before he dies. A plague is unleashed and turned Werewolves are dropping like flies. It is now up to E. to find a way to reverse what Sin has done.7. Complete Awesomeness. I just love, love, love Ecstasy Unveiled. You’ll never guess at the awesomeness that is the ending of this book as it always keeps you guessing, plus you’ll be blown away at the outcome of Lore, Sin, and their master, Detharu. And who could forget Idess? Her story had me in tears! I couldn’t have asked for a better ending or book. Do yourself a favor and if you haven’t already, start Larissa Ione’s Demonica series and read Ecstasy Unveiled. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!