Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha The world has completely changed in Beyond Shame, the first installment of the Beyond Series from Kit Rocha (dynamic writing team otherwise known as Moira Rogers). There are two prominent classes – the wealthy and upper class inhabitants of Eden vs. the lower class citizens living in the sectors surrounding the city.Eden’s citizens are upright, model citizens – or at least are expected to be. So when Noelle Cunningham (daughter of a prominent politician in Eden) starts hanging out with the wrong crowd, drinking and engaging in sexual situations, her father kicks her out of Eden and literally drops her outside the city gates and onto Jasper (Jas’) lap.Jas has lived all his life outside the protective walls of Eden and is instantly drawn to Noelle’s beauty, innocence, and willingness to try everything once. But with a gang war looming over their heads, will he be able to give into Noelle’s alluring ways, or will he forego his feelings and remain the tough, lone guy everyone knows him as?Note: I’m not a patient person, so if you like a long, drawn out romance as well as a love for tattoos, Beyond Shame is the perfect book for you. :) What I didn’t like about Beyond Shame:1. Begging. Noelle was downright begging Jas to take her on as a sub and show her everything she had been missing. It got annoying fast how Jas kept delaying things, stating he didn’t think she was ready. However, Jas was so riled up with Noelle he relieved his stress with someone else, yet he left Noelle high and dry. I was out after that. *sad julie*2. Bring it. Noelle had lived such a repressed life in Eden, it was clear by the choices she was making she wanted something ‘more’ than what life had to offer. When she was basically thrown away by her father, I wanted to see her come into her own, go wild and crazy at the orgies, and live out every sordid fantasy she had imagined. It was such a let down she latched onto the one guy who kept holding her back from what she wanted to experience. It wasn’t until 93% of the book when Jas FINALLY makes a decision. It was too drawn out.3. Politics. There was a short mention of Noelle’s dad – who came looking for her in the sectors, ready to take her back home. It was a bit distracting since it was evident early on Noelle was done with that part of her life.4. Structure. It was tough getting into the story as everyone kept telling Noelle that women held the power in the sectors as they decided who they slept with and who claimed them as mates. But after enduring all the begging and pleading Noelle did throughout the story, I never saw the power she supposedly had. What I liked about Beyond Shame:1. Ace. Jas’ friend and tattoo artist extraordinaire, Ace, stole the show for me. I really wanted Noelle to end up with him as he was ready and willing to give her everything she was craving. :)2. Sex and orgies. I loved all the sexxy talk and happenings going on in Beyond Shame, I just wish they would have happened TO Noelle instead of them happening AROUND her. I wanted more for Noelle and I wanted her in control.