Deal with the devil - Evangeline Anderson Luz Velez is a werewolf, but she can’t transform on the full moon because she is plagued with anxiety from a traumatizing event of abuse which still affects her years after it occurred. Just when all hope seems lost, Luz meets Jude Jacobson, a vampire who makes her an offer she just can’t refuse.Jude offers to cure Luz of her anxiety, allowing her to shift, in exchange for letting him drink her blood. Knowing she has no other alternative, Luz takes Jude up on his offer and it’s not long before Luz begins to feel something other than gratitude towards Jude.But things won’t be easy for Jude and Luz as a relationship between a werewolf and a vampire is taboo. Also, there is much opposition to them being together coming mainly from Luz’ brother (who has a secret of his own) and from Luz’ family who already have another wolf in mind for their daughter.Can Luz and Jude make what they fell for each other work or will outside forces split them apart? And what of Luz’s anxiety – has Jude really cured her, or is Luz just too damaged for anyone to help her? Rating: 3.5 Kisses