Lean on Me - HelenKay Dimon Lean On Me by HelenKay Dimon is a witty romance that brings about a happily ever after I enjoyed reading about.Cassidy leaves her small hometown to pursue a career in mountain climbing. She travels all around the world and makes it to Mount Everest, making her the town darling and earning her the nickname, ‘The Chosen One.’ But everything comes tumbling down when Cassidy gets sick and gives an interview in which she puts down her small town after a long harrowing climb that leaves her mumbling and out of sorts.In one swift kick, Cassidy loses her support from her hometown, her career, and her money as it seems her manager is stealing her blind. Left with nowhere to go, Cassidy returns to her hometown to live with her stepfather as her mother passed several years ago from cancer.But when Cassidy returns to town, she finds a stepfather who at all costs avoids her, a guy she almost dated in high school, Mitch, who seems to still be carrying the torch for her, and a town that doesn’t want her around.Cassidy tries to keep it together and begins tracking down her stepdad, but being unsuccessful, hesitantly accepts Mitch’s help instead. But will living with the gorgeous man who makes Cassidy’s heart beat faster than when she’s climbing at high altitudes a good idea? And will Mitch finally makes his fantasies come true after so many years?Rating: 3 Kisseshttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2012/10/lean-on-me-by-helenkay-dimon-blog-tour.html#more