Sin Undone - Larissa Ione Sin Undone, the fifth installment of the Demonica Series by Larissa Ione (L.I.) is not just Sin’s book – it’s everyone’s book as it brings together all the storylines and marks the end (though there are a few other side stories, this is the last book) of the Demonica Series. *le sniff*Sin Undone begins just where the last book, Ecstasy Unveiled left off. Idess kills off Detharu, Lore and Sin’s master, and leaves Sin in charge of the den of assassins. Roag is FINALLY put to rest, but his true death doesn’t make a dent as it seems that hell itself has unleashed itself unto the world.In the last book, one of Sin’s assassinations goes awry and her mark spreads a disease onto the entire Werewolf (or Warg) population. By the start of Sin Undone, the plague has destroyed entire families and villages as it spirals out of control. But as the book progresses, so does the disease. Pretty soon, the virus mutates and at the rate it’s going, it seems that it won’t be long until it decimates every species on the planet.So begins a race against time to find a cure. Both E, his brothers and Sin herself (aided by the sexy Con) all fight to find a cure. But when E finds out that Sin is the key to the cure, several factions put out a hit on her, as these factions want to cleanse their race of certain groups.Sin Undone is a thrilling read full of suspense and non-stop action to the end as we all try to figure out who’s the real mastermind behind everything.In between the plague though, we learn that Sin’s releasing of the disease actually broke one of the seven seals that heralds the end of the world. *sobs*At the end of the book, we are introduced to the one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War. He reveals all that is to come and makes a great intro into L.I.’s Lord of Deliverance Series.I, for one, was so sad to see this series ending, but I just loved how L.I. brought closure to this amazing series and did justice to all her awesome characters – just loved it! Rating: 5 Kisses