Iron Dominance - Cari Silverwood Iron Dominance, the first installment in Cari Silverwood’s (CS) Steamwork Chronicles, begins with Claire, who is a frankenstruct, a being made of cloned parts The world is at war and Claire is an assassin. As she flies in an air ship, she receives the name of her next target. But just as her general tells her the first name, a crash brings her air ship down.When Claire wakes up, she finds herself housed in Theo Kevonis’ home, a leader in the enemy’s side. Theo found the strewn air ship in his neighboring lands and found her among the rubble. Theo’s government protocol dictates all frankenstructs are to be euthanized, but upon seeing Claire, Theo can’t bring himself to kill the beautiful cloned part being.Theo is captivated by Claire and Claire finds his Dom personality irresistible. They quickly embark on a relationship which is put to the test as the war that is waging outside their gates finds it’s way to them. But when Claire seems to be right in the middle of things, will Theo be able to save her - especially after Theo finds out who Claire really is?What I liked about Iron Dominance:1. Sex! The BDSM and sexual elements in Iron Dominance was amazing! Loved it! : )2. Action! The non-stop action and fast moving plot made me read this book in one go. I just couldn’t wait to read what happened next.3. Suspense. When I first started reading, I knew things just weren’t how they appeared. It would have been too easy for Claire to be free of her past life so easily. The suspense throughout the book led you to know Claire’s general was just going to come back in the worst possible moment. It was a great buildup!What I didn’t like about Iron Dominance:1. Quick Play. While I hate a book that beats around the bush and drags the plot around to the point of boredom, Iron Dominance takes the opposite route and seemed too rushed as barely minutes into Claire’s recovery, Theo already tells her what he intends to do with her. I wanted to think it was hottt, but poor Claire wasn’t fully recovered from her accident, and it came off as creepy.2. Tease. There were several instances where it appeared we would be getting a ménage scene between Theo, Claire, and Theo’s trusted head of security, Dankyo. It was a let down when it didn’t come through. *sad julie*There was so much promise to this book and I wanted MORE! Perhaps the next installment, Lust Plague, addresses this issue. Rating: 3.5 Kisses