Forbidden - Jacquelyn Frank Though Forbidden begins with a prologue I wasn’t too sure about, we are instantly taken to the present time and shown a conversation between Docia and her brother, Jackson. But this is no normal phone conversation, as it abruptly ends when someone pushes Docia off a bridge to her death.But Docia’s death is only the beginning of this story. Docia meets some beings in the afterlife or Ether who tell her she can have another chance at life if she agrees to be a body host to this being. Docia agrees and quickly comes back to life.Thus begins the Blending, the transition period where the host or Bodywalker (Docia) and the new being in her blend into one. Docia quickly realizes there are two ancient factions at war who frequently inhabit humans to keep fighting said war. Believing Docia is host to their queen, Ram is sent to her side to protect her. Docia is told she is to await the coming of her king and husband, Menes, but she can’t hold the attraction she feels for Ram. Ram feels the same way and can’t resist kissing the queen he’s guarded for centuries. But before they can engage in a relationship, several of their enemies unite to end their lives and they have to contend with Docia’s brother, Jackson, who is hot on their heels, trying to get his sister back.Forbidden features humor, non-stop action, and several twists you never see coming. The ending really savors your taste buds for what’s to come, and the epilogue raises more questions than answers.What I didn’t like about Forbidden:1. Format. I wasn’t too happy with the format in which the story is written, and it quickly got a bit tedious. After awhile though, I *gasp* started skipping ahead. It consisted of:-Action-Added information or funny anecdote a few sentences (rare case paragraph/s) long-Back to ActionI hope the next book in the series does away with this format as the story is already established and we can move ahead to the action. 2. Body Hosts. Towards the end, I was a bit confused with who was the dominant presence in the Bodywalkers. It was said once the Blending took place, they became one being, but they was a lot of ping ponging back of forth of hosts/beings. It was a bit difficult to keep track of everyone at once.