Glitter Kiss - Adrianne Ambrose, Monica Gallagher In Glitter Kiss, Tinka is a normal teenaged girl – on the prowl for love and a boyfriend. But just as she thinks she’s found ‘the one’ in Jason, she realizes it’s all a fantasy when she catches Jason telling his friends he’s only after Tinka for some play and doesn’t take her seriously. Heartbroken, she befriends the local misfit, a girl everyone tags as a witch. Thinking there’d be no harm in evoking magic, Tinka wishes she could find a way to sift through the boys who are being real with her and who’s not. Tinka later buys a lip gloss and voila! Her lip gloss becomes enchanted, and any boy who kisses her undergoes a strange fate if they aren’t sincere to her. But when a whole group of boys who get near Tinka suffer the same fate, it’s up to Jason to find out a cure. Will Jason find the answer in time or will everyone be forever subject to Tinka’s glitter kiss? Glitter Kiss is a humorous story ideal for any young adult. I would have liked to see some colored pages, and I found it weird how the mothers from the affected boys didn’t bat an eyelash at what happened to their sons and quickly sent them to school in their new altered state, but those were my only complaints on this great read. Rating: 3.5 Kisses