Stockholm Surrender - Lily Harlem Penny, the daughter of the British foreign secretary, is on vacation in an Australian paradise, taking a break from her school. She’s surrounded by the Oz sun, good friends, and gorgeous eye candy she can’t wait to see if she’ll get a chance to taste. Could life get any better?Ty’s life is in shambles. He and his best friend, James were vacationing in Thailand when the worst happened. James was busted for drug charges and due to the country’s harsh drug laws, James faces the death sentence – that is if he survives prison. Desperate, Ty struggles to find a way to free his best friend. When he hears that the British foreign secretary’s daughter, Penny is vacationing in Oz, he forms a plan to abduct her and hold her for ransom until Penny’s father will look into James’ case and free him.Penny, unsuspecting her time in paradise would be anything but the best vacation ever, is caught by surprise when she is taken prisoner by a stranger. Through her captor, Penny learns of the problem Ty and James face, and she can’t help but feel sorry for what the two friends have had to endure. But could she be sympathetic for Ty and James’ cause because she’s finds her captor irresistible? Ty’s objectives were clear, take Penny prisoner and keep her hidden until her father did something to free his best friend from a Thailand prison. But all Ty’s plans are shot to hell when he can’t keep his hands off the alluring Penny. Will he be able to follow through on his plans or will his give into his lust?Stockholm Surrender features: BDSM backdoor play ménage oral kidnapping nonconsensual sexWhat I liked about Stockholm Surrender:1) All-in-one. Originally released as a short story (35 pages) I was ecstatic when then author re-released the story as a full length book, letting us know what happens after the short story ended and Penny returns to England from her vacation. Even better to know was that the author re-released the short story and the sequel in one book Smile 2) Distractions. I liked the premise of this story and loved how Ty couldn’t keep focused on his “mission” on hand as he was so distracted by Penny. Penny also finding Ty irresistible was a plus, and I couldn’t wait to see what ensued.3) James – O. M. to the G.! You are not going to believe how James is thrown into the mix in the sequel. *le gasp* I loved it! Winking smile What I didn’t like about Stockholm Surrender:1) I’m a sucker for romance, and I really wanted this book to be about how Penny and Ty ended up falling in love. But I couldn’t help feeling as the story progressed that Ty was just using Penny to get James out of jail. Ty would withhold sex and punish Penny whenever things went wrong. Penny also comes across as a bit desperate.Ty lost me somewhere in the book, and I just couldn’t get on board with him no matter what he said he was feeling for Penny, because his actions didn’t show his words to me.But since Stockholm Surrender does have a happy ending (*le pants*) I put this aside and did enjoy the story despite this.