An Introduction to Pleasure - Jess Michaels I loved . . . Loved . . . LOVED Introduction to Pleasure by Jess Michaels (JM)! JM’s writing is amazing and she has historical romance language that’s easy to understand and get into. Drop whatever you’re reading and pick up Introduction to Pleasure! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in this amazingly hott read!In Introduction to Pleasure, Lysandra Keate’s life has taken a turn for the worse. She has just been fired from her servant job because she wouldn’t entertain her employer’s whims. She has been looking for work where ever she can, but can’t seem to find anything. Little does she know that her previous employer has blacklisted her from every good home in the town.Desperate for a job as her mother is ill, Lysandra contemplates the unthinkable – finding a benefactor who can financially provide for her and her mother. In exchange, she will have to give ultimate pleasure to her protector.But there’s one problem – Lysandra is a virgin and has no clue what it takes to please a man. Hearing in social circles about Vivien Manning, a former courtesan who matches women with protectors, Lysandra begs her for help.Upon hearing Lysandra, Vivien immediately thinks about Andrew, one of her friends, who she thinks would be ideal for the young, skittish woman.Andrew Callis is a reformed rake, recovering from the death of his wife. All his friends worry about him and beg him to go into society and retake his life again, but he no longer wishes for that type of lifestyle.Still, Vivien tells Andrew about Lysandra and asks Andrew to train the young girl in the ways of a mistress, readying her for a protector. Andrew is set to turn down Vivien’s request –that is until he spies Lysandra in the gardens and is beset by her beauty.Thinking the arrangement will be temporary, Andrew agrees to teach Lysandra the many ways to please a man. But in the end, who will be taught the biggest lesson of all: that true love is never temporary?Introduction to Pleasure features: oral voyeurism backdoor play historical romance