Mission Menage - Cynthia Sax (To get a sense of this series background, please see my Intro review.)Raylee, captain of Ship (a feisty know-it-all class-A freighter vessel) is recovering from a traumatic experience where she lost her crew in a past pirate air raid. Accompanied by her android, Sexy, Raylee navigates through space delivering cargo to different star systems.Vegas is a Federation soldier entrusted to transport a secret weapon and avoid getting captured by the Balzoids. Having been told by a Future Bender that Raylee was his mate, he arranges for her to deliver him and his cargo so they can finally meet.When Raylee meets Vegas, she mistakes him for her android, Sexy – something Vegas takes advantage of. But when Raylee learns the truth and what Vegas is really doing on her ship, will she join forces with her mate, or is she too damaged from her past to ever love again?What I liked about Mission Menage:Ship. In Mission Menage, Ship is a disembodied voice that irritates everyone on board with it’s snarky remarks. Ship steals the show and made me laugh. Hot Read. *fans self* There is no shortage of sexxy hotttt scenes that will surely make you faint. I loved every dirty minute ;)Android. I loved all the ways androids were used in the story *fans self* Where can I get one of my own? LOLWhat I didn’t like about Mission Menage:The only thing I didn’t like about this book/series is that we are literally dropped into the story and it takes a while to figure out what’s going on in the background. Not that I like a lot of plot with my erotica, but since it’s science fiction, the setting does play a part in the overall story. But since the sexxy scenes were so deliciously hottt, I can look past this and enjoy every dirty minute of this short, hott read!Mission Menage features: menage android sex m/m backdoor play exhibitionism http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/review-mission-menage-by-cynthia-sax.html#more