Savage Menage - Cynthia Sax In the previous book of this series, we learned the Balzoids have a clear advantage over humans – they can invade their minds and cause irreparable, if not fatal, harm to them. To stop this, the Federation invented a blocking device, but it makes its recipients weak and sick for several hours to a week when they are implanted.We learn the Balzoids have set their sights on another planet to conquer in the Federation system and Starla, a scientist and leading expert on this race, is dispatched to deliver several blockers to help the natives avoid Balzoid capture. Bocc, an outcast from his tribe, races against the clock, trying to get a weapon online to help his planet circumvent the Balzoid invasion. He knows time is running out and nothing seems to be working for him. To make matters even more stressful, he knows that Starla, his fated mate whom he calls his Little Star, will be arriving at his planet with an important shipment.When Starla finally arrives at Bocc’s planet via a crash landing, the planet’s males find her first. Now, not only does Bocc have to get his weapon online in time for the invasion, but he’s got to save his mate from the rest of the tribe’s males. But what Bocc doesn’t realize is that his most formidable foe will be Chrome, his android copy that’s kept very close contact with Starla. Will Starla resist being in planet full of savages?Savage Menage features: oral backdoor play menage m/m (android)/f kidnappingRating: 3.5 Kisses