Furious Lust - Elise Hepner Furious Lust by Elise Hepner is a great paranormal read mixed with mythology you’ll enjoy if you love delving into a character’s head and knowing their thoughts. It’s also filled with a lot of explicit sexual themes – such as knife play. (See the tags below for more information)In Furious Lust, Tisiphone is a demonness who works for Hades in the Underworld torturing souls. When she escapes above ground for three days and happens to meet a human, Cithaeron, her fate is sealed.Both feel a desperate attraction for each other and as punishment for their transgressions, they both get sentenced for centuries in torment. Tisiphone is stripped of her powers and sent to Earth – away from her family. Cithaeron is sent to Limbo where he promises to enact his revenge against the alluring creature responsible for his torment.Hades finally frees them both of their curses only to throw them on a mission they must somehow find a way to work together to survive – past their hate, guilt, and furious lust for one another. Will they succeed or be doomed forever after? Furious Lust features: BDSM whipping sexual tension erotica masturbation knife play belt play choking oral sexhttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/02/review-giveawayfurious-lust-by-elise.html#more