Destined for Love - Diane Thorne Destined For Love – a great and original paranormal read features some very sexy genies who’ll make all your dreams come true :) Valerie has it all: a great boyfriend, job, and home. But then in a blink of an eye, they are all gone. Distraught, she takes a walk on the beach to unwind. On her walk, she stumbles across a bottle in the sand. But it is no ordinary bottle – it is actually houses two genies!Faced with her salvation, Valerie now has to make three wishes. But who can think clearly around the two sexy genies who have now taken residence in her home? The genies also feel attracted to Valerie and are saddened they will have to leave their new mistress when she makes her three wishes.But when things heat up and Valerie finds she wants or needs for nothing more than the love of her two new genies, who will she choose? Monetary comfort or love?Destined For Love features: ménage: m/f/m backdoor play oral sexRating: 3.5 Kisses