Kiss of a Demon King - Kresley Cole Kiss of a Demon, Kresley Cole’s (KC) seventh installment of her Immortals After Dark Series is truly a winner! I absolutely loved every single dirty and amazing page of it.The previous installment – book six – leaves off with Cade returning to see his brother Ry after his ordeal with is mate *yawn* and what does Cade witness? Ry has a female captive in chains! The captive yells to Cade for help and Ry warns his brother to leave him alone. I was absolutely floored with how the tables were turned and wondered how did Ry manage to free himself from Sabine? I sped off to Book 7 and not only do we get to see blow by awesome blow of what happens after Sabine kidnaps Ry and takes him as her own personal boy toy, but we also get her and her sister’s (Lanthe) tragic backstory.Running from some old enemies Vrekeners (demonic angels), the sisters end up in Omort the Deathless’ (Now the big bad since Demestriu’s death in book 2) camp. Omort is a sorcerer who cannot be killed and Cade went to look in book 6 for the one weapon who could actually accomplish this. Still, Omort is confident no one can hurt him and he enlists Sabine’s help to make a prophecy true that she and Ry will conceive a child who will rule the world (too bad Cade beats them to the punch in the last book). Sabine is all too happy to make said prophecy come true and she finds she rather enjoys her “personal time” with irresistible Ry who can’t stop his traitorous body from responding to Sabine’s “care.”Another HUGE plus in Kiss of a Demon is that we get to see Lothaire doing what he does best – double crossing everyone and their mother while looking out for #1 – himself. I just love how devious Lothaire is!We also meet, Hag, a cursed witch who works for Omort. We’ll see her again in Lothaire’s book Smile Ry and Sabine were – to me – just the perfect blend of couple and their love/hate relationship kept me turning page after page. I was in pain when life intervened and I had to pull away from this book. I’m definitely re-reading this as I just loved how Ry and Sabine’s relationship develops *le romantic sigh*. My favorite part of Kiss of a Demon though was Sabine – she’s a no hold’s barred girl who doesn’t wait around for Prince Charming to rescue her, she’s got everything under control on her own, but she knows just when to let her man take over things. Just loved seeing this rough and tumble gal soften her edges when an orphaned demon brings out her maternal side.Nix also makes an appearance in this great read, and she is awesome as usual. Hurry and pick up Kiss of a Demon King – it’s a definite recommended read!