Dark Desires After Dusk - Kresley Cole I don’t really have much good to say about Kresley Cole’s (KC) six installment of her Immortal After Dark Series, Dark Desires After Dusk. Yup! You guessed it, I totally skimmed this book.Cade, a demon who is categorized as the black sheep of the family, at least when compared to his ever-perfect brother, Ry, was never a fave character of mine. I began reading the book and was immediately put off by Holly – who was just too annoying.But in skimming through the predictable boy-meets-girl-and-they-can’t-get-along-at-first,-but-through-some-problem-are-forced-to-spend-time-together-and-carry-out-a-mission-to-save-the-world-and-they-fall-in-lust/love-and-their-baby-will-rule-the-world story, I read a side story I couldn’t wait to read about. Rydstrom Woede, Cade’s brother is on a long stretch of road on the way to meet with Cade. Sabine, Sorceress of Illusions and #1 player for Team Bad stops him, pretending to be a damsel in distress whose car has just broken down. Sabine wastes no time and traps Ry, whisking him away to make him her baby daddy.This tiny tease on Ry and Sabine kept me skimming through the whole book, wondering when I could read more about them, only to find out that was all KC let us know on them. I didn’t feel compelled to go back and re-read Cade and Holly’s story and instead jumped ahead to the next book which was all about Ry and Sabine! *fans self* KC apparently feels the same as Cade and Holly don’t make it back into the series in any major way as of book 12, Lothaire. http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-dark-desires-after-dusk.html#more