Pleasure of a Dark Prince - Kresley Cole You know you’re going to get a great read whenever Kresley Cole brings out her Lykae, and Pleasure of a Dark Prince, her ninth installment of her Immortals After Dark Series is no exception. I can easily forgive this is a “catch-up” book where we get a recap of the series from the eight previous books in the first half of the book, and then we get the “story” starting at the mid point. My only gripe was that we had to wait for 7 books to FINALLY read Garreth and Lucia’s story.So, at the middle of the book, we see that Lucia runs away, hoping to evade Garreth since her Valkyrie power – that of being an excellent huntress – will disappear if she loses her virginity. Being a master bowman is what defines Lucia, or so she thinks, and won’t lose that ability without a fight.So she runs FOR. AN. ENTIRE. YEAR! LOL There are very funny anecdotes on the several traps and nasty tricks Lucia and her sister, Regin, play on Garreth that had me laughing as well as Nix’s antics which are always the best thing in the book. But all the jokes stop when Garreth finally catches up to his mate.They “find” one another in the jungles of the Amazon where Lucia is tracking down a rare artifact that will allow her to rid the world of a god, Cruach, who tricked and raped her when she was very young.Their trek takes them on a riverboat down an Amazon river where they meet a lot of different scientists and a crazy captain. It’s not until they reach the burial site of El Dorado, or actually El Dorada (female) where their trek ends and they obtain a magic arrow which will kill a god. The only thing they have to remember is not to wake up the sleeping El Dorada or that will signal an end-of-the-world crisis.But just when victory is at hand for Lucia and Garreth, everything goes to shite when Lothaire shows up! You know what’s going to go down, and you KNOW who’s going to end up on top, right?Also, towards the end of the book we find out several Lore creatures are being nabbed and Regin is one of the captured! And you’ll never guess who “they” take as well? I couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to find out who/what’s behind this :) Pleasure of a Dark Prince is a great read I’m sure you’ll love! Plus, my favorite part is Garreth’s accent in pronouncing his mate’s name: Lousha *heart melts* Love it!