Surrender Your Love - J.C. Reed Brooke lives a normal life, going to work each day and keeping a steady relationship with a guy she mostly sees as a friend with benefits (FWB) sort of thing. Nothing serious.But then one night she goes out with her best friend and meets up with gorgeous Jett at a bar. Everything in her world suddenly turns upside down. Her job is no more, and her FWB leaves, too. Alone and without a job, she takes up Jett’s offer to work with him, not knowing that’s not everything Jett wants from her.Before she knows it, she’s whisked off to Italy and fighting her attraction to her boss at every second. To top things off, Jett makes her an offer she doesn’t want to refuse: agree to no-strings-attached sex with him for two months. Will Brooke take him up on his offer, or does Jett have a hidden agenda to get Brooke on his side?Surrender Your Love by J.C. Reed whets your appetite for what comes next as just when you think they mystery around Jett’s “attraction” is revealed, a surprise twist at the end will leave you anticipating the next book in the series Surrender Your Love Features: erotic themes oral sex exhibitionism