Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) - Kresley Cole At first glance, I was a bit peeved with Demon from the Dark, Kresley Cole’s (KC) tenth installment in the Immortal After Dark Series. In the previous book, we left off with several supernatural creatures getting hauled off by a human fanatical organization, The Order, intent on destroying creatures from the Lore.I thought for sure the next book would feature Regin the Radiant – whom we’ve been told fell in love with a Berserker who died, yet reincarnated as different men and fell in love with her all over again, but instead we get Carrow’s story – a witch friend of Mari the Awaited.Just when I was about to start ranting and raving, we are introduced to Malkom, a half vampire, half demon who was taken prisoner when he was very young by a sadistic male master who abused him. His story reminded me so much of J. R. Ward’s Zsadist, that I immediately fell in love with him!But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back at Human Fanatic Headquarters aka The Order, every Lore creature and their mother are locked in cages. Regin, Sabine’s sister, Lanthe, Uilleam MacRieve (a sexy Lykae), and can you believe it- even Lothaire are all being studied, tortured, and dissected to see what makes them tick. The ultimate prize for the human’s collection is Malkom, but the humans haven’t been able to capture him.So they send Carrow off to seduce him and bring him in, threatening her by holding hostage one of her loved ones. Carrow has no choice but to do as she is told and agrees to go into another dimension to bring in the elusive Malkom.Living on his own for many years, Malkom is half crazed and hardly speaks to anyone anymore. His attitude is always kill first, ask questions later, but when he sees Carrow, his undead heart begins to beat and an unquenchable hunger and attraction draws him to her.Malkom starts to come out of his shell and begins to re-learn how to interact with people as he makes it his goal to make Carrow his mate. First thing on the agenda is a bath, and Carrow is floored to see that underneath all the grime and dirt Malkom wore like another skin, lies a sexy gorgeous hunk she can’t seem to keep her hands off.But their time together must soon come to an end and Carrow contemplates what her captors want her to do. Can she turn Malkom over to them to save her loved ones, or will her newfound feelings for Malkom change her mind?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Demon from the Dark is easily one of my faves in the series and is on definite re-read status. Just love poor broken Malkom hard!Lothaire also makes an impression (when doesn’t he? ) in Demon from the Dark. In the previous book, he stole a ring from El Dorada and awakened her. Now she’s dead set on getting her ring back and will stop at nothing to accomplish this. I promise you’ll be on the edge of your seat!Demon from the Dark also gives us an insight to the Accession – an event that occurs every 500 years in which all creatures of the Lore basically kill each other off in a sort of checks and balances thing. With so many creatures under one roof and everyone being a mortal enemy or ally of the other, it seems unavoidable. And on a final note, Demon from the Dark – to me – is reminiscent to Gena Showalter’s Lord of the Underworld series, The Darkest Whisper where the LOTU’s human enemies, The Hunters, kept supernatural creatures in cages and were experimenting on them to see what made them tick in order to defeat them (plus all sorts of other freaky experiments). Of course all of the Hunter’s plans were shot to hell, and death was dealt in spades when the creatures broke out of their cages. Hmm…I wonder if this will happen in KC’s series?