Selling Out - Amber Lin Selling Out, Amber Lin’s (AL) second installment of The Lost Girls series had me on the edge of my seat.We met Shelly in the first book, Giving It Up, Allie’s faithful friend who always stood by her side. Shelly was also a call girl and was living it up with Philip, a crime lord she was secretly spying on for Luke Cameron, a cop Shelly fell in love with.At the end of Giving It Up, Shelly is shot and Luke is bereft his informant was hurt. But that was it – we learn in Selling Out, that Luke and Shelly were never physical, though they both seem to want each other desperately.Shelly tries to leave her hooking life behind, but it’s hard to do when you don’t have any education and your bills are piling up. Not helping matters any, Shelly’s pimp, Henri, wants her back. Taking her from her apartment, Henri throws her back to work, and Shelly starts to fall back into her normal routine.That is, until she meets Ella, a young seventeen year old who is also at Henri’s party with some heavy hitters, starting as the main show. Shelly can’t help herself and tries to rescue her when all hell breaks loose and a murder is pinned on her and Ella.Shelly runs to the safety of the only person she can think of: Philip. Hoping he’s forgiven her, Shelly brings Ella along in hopes of hiding out until things tide over. She also enlists the help of Luke, but as she searches for evidence to clear her name, Shelly’s search for the truth sets her down a road which uncovers secrets she never could have imagined were true.With her whole life ripped apart, will Shelly ever trust anyone again? And what about Luke? Is he really the Knight In Shining Armor she thinks he is, or is there something in Luke’s past which will forever change how she sees him?Selling Out starts you out on a curved path and the road just gets darker and more twisted as you move on. It features several triggers and themes* (*story plots that are mentioned as happening, but not explicitly shown) that weren’t my cup of tea, but I could see how they related to the character and story development. AL is still a genius at what she does best, creating a happy ending for flawed characters hurting for a way out. I can’t wait to see what else AL has in store for us and I loved Allie and Colin’s cameo in the book! Shelly’s sense of humor also kept the book going, and I loved her snarkiness Selling Out features: underage themes* incest themes* oral sex ménage themes* torture kidnapping angst