Lothaire - Kresley Cole Lothaire, Kresley Cole’s (KC) twelfth installment of the Immortal After Dark Series is just PERFECT! Now I finally see why everyone was gushing and going crazy about it on the Blogverse Smile The first plus is, this not a catch-up book, but it lets us in on Lothaire’s tragic backstory and his need to avenge his mother who was killed when he was very young.We are also introduced to two new characters: Saroya the Soul Reaper, and Ellie Pierce, a country girl who hosts Saroya’s evil spirit in her. Saroya was a death goddess, and while her sister, a life goddess, brought life to the world, Saroya only brought death and chaos. When Lothaire is told the location of his Bride, he chances upon Ellie, who is possessed by Saroya at the time, killing several humans.Lothaire is caught speechless – a being more evil and fouler than him would have been a tall order to fill and he is instantly drawn to Saroya’s evil ways, hoping she will be the one who will help him ascend into being the new ruler of the Vampire Horde. Ellie – who is just a human – well he couldn’t bother with her, though. What a shame Ellie houses the woman he’s willing to risk everything for.Oh! By the way – remember the Vampire Horde? They were left without a leader since book 2 when Demestriu was killed. Ring any bells? The Horde have – we guess- just been hanging about waiting for someone to take the reins and Lothaire knows he’s just the one to do it.Anyhoo, Lothaire concocts a plan with Saroya to rip Ellie’s soul from her body, leaving only Saroya’s soul intact so the evil goddess can once again roam the earth as she pleases. To thank him for doing this, Saroya promises to do everything Lothaire wants AFTER he is successful.Lothaire agrees, but things aren’t so easy as they sound. Ellie refuses to give up her body without a fight – especially to an evil being like Saroya who has ruined her life. She’ll do anything – and anyone – to keep that from happening. Lothaire really has no clue what our girl is willing to do to stay alive. *fans self*Pretty soon, Lothaire starts doing the unimaginable – actually preferring Ellie’s presence to that of unbearable Saroya who won’t put out, not even a little bit. LOL SmileCan Ellie do the impossible? Can she defeat a death goddess while making Lothaire forget his vengeance and fall in love with her? And what about her feelings for Lothaire? Is she just trying to survive or does she, too, feel love for the Enemy of Old?****Also making an appearance in this book is Hag, the witch which was rescued in book 7 – wait ‘till you see what she looks like now. And our favorite all-around good guy, Thad, who just melts your heart with how good “buds” he is with Mr. Lothaire. LOL I just love seeing these two together.I am so OBSESSED with Lothaire and this is definitely my most favorite book I’ve read all year. Just loved it! Can he please be given his own series? *begs* http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/03/review-lothaire-immortals-after-dark-12.html