Covet - Felicity E. Heaton For two years, Javier – vampire and co-owner of Vampirerotique (an erotic theater) is tormented upon looking at Lilah, a human who works at his theater. Lilah is forbidden to him as she belongs to another vampire and to touch Lilah would surely mean both their deaths.But temptation cannot be held at bay forever and Lilah and Javier succumb to their passion. This unleashes a chain of events that will change things between them forever. Can Lilah and Javier’s love for each other survive?-----------------What I liked: Setting. I enjoyed the setting Felicity Heaton creates in Covet. It totally reminded me of the theater Antonio Banderas’ character in Interview With A Vampire owned.Also, the fact a vampire can “feel” when their humans have been touched was well. . . a nice touch! And, the addition that if anyone other than their masters touch them, the humans feel physical pain was an original feature I hadn’t encountered before.Chemistry. I loved the chemistry between Javier and Lilah. Yumm! Plus, their sexxy scenes were sizzling hot! *fans self* What I didn't like: Grammar. There were some small grammar issues in Covet. The overuse of ‘and’ really got to me in places. Here’s an example: Every vampire knew that to lay a hand on a bonded human out of desire or feed from their vein caused them immeasurable pain and suffering, and that their master would know of it and would come to act out the penalty. Cover bust lust? Probably the only thing that I really didn’t like about this series was the lack of original covers.I totally let go of my question – because the sex was hottt – of why would old vampires want to watch an erotic show? You’d think by now they’d be desensitized from centuries of having sex. And don’t they have internet at home? Tumblr? LOL Oh right, that’s just me ;) Anyhoo, back to the covers. I checked out the rest of this series on Goodreads and I’ve included some here. I don’t know, Fellow Readers, is it just me, or what are your thoughts about the covers?--------------------- Still, back to Covet - the chemistry between Javier and Lilah, along with their hott scorching scenes really make this quick read very enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind making another visit to Vampirerotique.