Damaged Goods - Lainey Reese Damaged Goods, Lainey Reese’s second installment of her New York Series features Brice, the cop we met in Table For One (book one).Two years have passed from where we left things off in book one, and it was great seeing that Riley, Cade, and Trevor are still going strong and are better than ever. *happy sigh* They all wish Brice could find the same happiness they have.Their prayers seem to be answered when Brice meets Terryn, a girl fresh on the scene and eager to learn. The only drawback is that Terryn’s best friend – who is also in the BDSM scene – is killed. Brice is investigating the murder and he is instantly drawn to Terryn, who he previously met the night before at a a BDSM club.In between her grief, Terryn can’t let go of her insatiable need for Brice and they start a relationship. More murders are committed and they seem to draw closer and closer to Terryn. Could Terryn know her friend’s killer and be next on his list? Will the killer strike before he is caught? And what of Terryn and Brice – could all the turmoil around them affect what they feel about each other?-----------------If you enjoy a lot of plot with your erotica, Damaged Goods is the absolute perfect book for you.I just loved seeing Riley, Cade, and Trevor again! Between you and me – I think the murder/s would have been easily solved had it not been for Brice being way too occupied with Tarryn. Winking smile LOLAlso, it was a stretch for me to see how Terryn continued in the scene after her friend was killed. I gotta hand it to her, it’s one hell of a way to express grief. *fans self* I can’t wait to see what else Lainey Reese has coming next. Just love this series! http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/review-damaged-goods-new-york-2-by.html#more