Embracing My Submission (The Doms of Genesis, #1) - Jenna Jacob Julianna is a CPA who goes by the name Emerald when she plays in the local BDSM club, Genesis. But though she’s a regular at the club, she’s more like the Rudolf Reindeer of the bunch. No one wants to play with her, much less take her on as a sub.For years, she’s been plagued with dreams of a girl who looks just like her, telling her there’s a perfect Dom made just for her. Julianna has this “supposed” Dom’s face ingrained in her mind, but she’s given up hope he’s real as she’s never laid eyes on him – only in her dreams.Mika is also somewhat of an enigma. He’s the owner of Club Genesis. He’s been more of a recluse ever since his wife, who was also his sub, recently died of cancer. He makes his identity known only to a select few, and he was stunned when he first met Julianna years ago when she walked into his club. Julianna is a doppelganger for his dead wife, and he can’t take how similar they both are. So, he keeps his distance from her and goes to great lengths never to meet her.But everything changes when a stranger walks into Genesis and attracts Julianna’s attention. She’s immediately drawn to him and the stranger doesn’t hesitate to show the feeling is mutual. They set up a “play date,” but everything goes horribly wrong.Mika, who is watching everything via camera, steps in and rescues Julianna. She is stunned when she first sets eyes on him as Mika is the man who appears to her in dreams.At this point in the story, you’d think it’d just be one huge sexfest after they’ve finally come together, but you guessed wrong. Mika is so resistant to being with anyone else, much less someone who reminds him so much of his wife. It’s an uphill battle for Julianna to get him in bed. But will Julianna stick with it and wait it out for Mika? Or will she just think everything is just a dream?If you like a lot of plot with your erotica and meant-to-be-in-dreams themes, this is must read for you!Embracing My Submission features: erotic themes oral sex BDSM non-consensual sex abuse m/f m/m whipping spanking ghostshttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/review-embracing-my-submission-doms-of.html#more