I Need You for Christmas

I Need You For Christmas - Leah Braemel If you like a lot of plot with your erotica and very light BDSM, then I Need You For Christmas is the perfect book for you this holiday season! Megan is a Mountie (a type of police officer in Canada) and Ryan is a sculptor. This couple, who is very much in love, live apart and the distance is taking a toll on their relationship. So, for Christmas they decide to ‘gift’ each other the gift of living together. Reminiscent – to me – of The Gift of the Magi, their surprise brings a lot of unexpected twists! NOTE: This book is set in Canada, and much like books which are set overseas, if you’re not familiar with the country, you could get lost in places. Otherwise, it’s a perfect feel-good holiday read! Rating: 3 Kisseshttp://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/candy-cane-kink-giveaway-blog-hop.html