Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story: A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novella

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novella - J. R. Ward I am a Z girl and this short novella (84 pages) did not disappoint in the least as it shows us what happens after Nalla (Zsadist and Bella’s daughter) is born. Though it seemed that Bella had ‘cured’ Zsadist of the ghosts of his past, they resurrect with a vengeance in this story as Z feels he’s not worthy to touch his daughter. He’s panicked, wondering what Nalla will think of him when she grows up and asks what those bands on his body are all about.He is so consumed by fear of the future and tormented by his past, that he refuses to hold his daughter and refers to Nalla as Bella’s daughter, not his. Bella, at the end of her emotional rope, can no longer take Z’s neglect toward their daughter. To make matters worse, Z hasn’t touched Bella for months and though she’s recovered her pre-baby body, she thinks Z has lost all interest in her. Thinking all is lost, Bella decides to leave Z and raise Nalla on her own. This shakes Z to the core, and he realizes he must do what it takes to win back his mate and daughter.I went through the gamut of emotions on this short story as it has everything from drama, action, suspense, hottt sexy scenes, and tearjerker moments – both sad and happy! This is a guaranteed MUST READ, and great follow-up to Lover Awakened – Book #3 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series (which you must read prior to reading this). I think this is a great end-point for me in this series as I don’t think we’ll be hearing from Bella and Z in any more upcoming books as much as I’d like to. I really wish there was a follow up on the rest of the other couples I’ve read about and invested in, instead of getting new characters in each new book. Can’t we have spin-offs? (LOL) I’ll be back to read if there’s a novella about Beth and Wrath, though. Miss them so! By the way, I found this awesome fan pic of Zsadist! Even though his scar is a bit faint, I love what they did with his eyes. What do you think, Fellow Readers? Is this the Z you imagine as you read? *faints* http://readourlipsblog.blogspot.com/2012/01/review-father-mine-zsadist-and-bellas.html